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We all know what an unwanted and potentially painful nuisance a dental cavity can be. Left untreated, dental decay will not only compromise the pearly white quality of your smile, it can lead to a toothache that can be detrimental to your overall well being. As a trusted 11710 dentist, our expert team at North Bellmore Dental Associates provides the highest quality of care, including personalized treatment options that are tailored to match the unique needs of each patient. At our state of the art facility located along Newbridge Road, we offer a complete menu of restorative services including the most effective options in composite resin and amalgam fillings for the treatment of teeth that are affected by dental decay.

11710 Dentist

At our 11710 dentist office, we’re committed to making our patients active partners in their care by encouraging them to explore different treatment options. We offer two different types of dental restorations so you have a say in what’s best for your smile.

Most people recognize dental amalgam as silver fillings. It’s a mixture of metals that have been used in dentistry for the past 150 years. Amalgam is a durable material that has many benefits over other restorative choices. Amalgam fillings can maintain their integrity and last for many years and can be the more affordable option in care for patients. However, if you’re seeking the most aesthetic dental restoration, a composite-resin material can be used to produce a remarkably natural appearance. Exactly matching the color of a tooth, it’s usually hard to tell that a tooth has even been treated with this material.  Composite-resin is a more appropriate restorative choice when a conservative approach is necessary because it requires the removal of less existing tooth structure, making it ideal for small fillings.

When you choose North Bellmore Dental Associates, you can rest assured you are choosing the pinnacle of excellence in the field of dentistry. Our staff has worked tirelessly to cultivate a reputation built upon exceptional and compassionate care. Give our 11710 dentist office a call today to set up a consultation.


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